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I highly recommend Abdu Murray.  As a former Muslim who came to faith in Christ after studying the evidence for Christianity, Islam, and other major worldviews, Abdu is uniquely qualified to equip Christians to do the same. He knows both the...Keep Reading
-Josh McDowell
Josh McDowell Ministry
"The ministry of Abdu Murray is strategic, well-informed, winsome, and credible.  In light of Abdu's Islamic background and his thoughtful conversion to Christ, he is well-positioned not only to present Islam's intellectual and spiritual...Keep Reading
-Paul Copan, Ph. D.
Palm Beach Atlantic University, West Palm Beach, Florida
I have been involved in apologetics ministry for over a decade and have known and worked with Abdu in evangelism and apologetics for more than half of that time.  He is a dynamic speaker with a unique background that allows him to bring an...Keep Reading
-Michael R. Licona Ph.D.
Houston Baptist University
Abdu Murray’s personal background as a Muslim who embraced the gospel after intensely studying the evidence for Islam and Christianity make his ministry invaluable to any church or organization that takes the Great Commission seriously.  ...Keep Reading
-Dr. Frank Turek
Abdu Murray [is] a gifted and able public speaker. I have heard Abdu’s presentations and I believe he speaks with clarity, focus and holds the audience’s attention.  He studies his subject matter well and knows how to present it to...Keep Reading
-Stuart McCallister
Ravi Zacharias International Ministries
I’ve heard Abdu speak and can say he is a gifted speaker who is able to challenge believers and non-believers alike on topics such as Islam, atheism, and worldviews.  His insight will equip the Church to be more effective at reaching...Keep Reading
-Alan Shlemon
Stand To Reason
Abdu Murray endorsements
Like you, I’m very careful about who I invite to speak to my congregation, and I highly recommend Abdu to you.  He would be great for mid-week or weekend services, conferences, outreach events, and teaching on apologetics and world...Keep Reading
-Tony Rea
Community Christian Church
Abdu Murray endorsements
We invited Abdu  to speak to our congregation some years ago and have enjoyed and been blessed by the relationship ever since.  The whole team gives solid and compelling presentations that challenge skeptics and believers alike. Abdu, a...Keep Reading
-Randy Tomko
Rockpointe Community Church
Abdu Murray endorsements
I encourage you to invite Abdu Murray to speak at your church and minister to your congregation.  I’ve had Abdu speak at our church and it was a great experience.  He is a dynamic speaker with a unique background that allows him to...Keep Reading
-Steve Norman
Kensington Church