Q:  Didn’t ETT use to be a speaking ministry?

A:  Yes.  Embrace The Truth was created to be a ministry committed to engaging non-Christians with the credibiblity of the Gospel in ways that touch the mind and the heart and equipping Christians to do the same.  Abdu Murray was the itinerate speaker for ETT.  He is now the North American Director of RZIM.

Q:  Now that Abdu has joined RZIM, what will his ministry be?

A:  Abdu remains dedicated to speaking and writing as he always has, but now through the global ministry of RZIM.  Abdu remains committed to the “Two E’s”: (1) Engaging non-Christians with the credibility of the Gospel in ways that touch the mind and the heart and (2) Equipping Christians to do the same. This philosophy falls directly in line with RZIM’s mission of “Helping the Thinker Believe and the Believer to Think.” 

Q:  Can I still request that Abdu speak at my event?  

A:  Yes!  Abdu’s mission to reach non-Christians and to equip Christians to do the same has never changed.  Abdu will still be speaking at universities, churches, and pubic venues as well as strategic private settings.  You can request Abdu to speak at your event through RZIM’s website at this link.

Q:  I donate and support Abdu’s ministry through ETT, how can I continue to support Abdu’s ministry?  If I haven’t given before, can I start?

A:  Abdu is so grateful for your support.  It’s your generous giving that makes Abdu’s ministry possible.  If you’ve given the in the past, you can continue to do so but now through RZIM.  Your donations to RZIM in support of Abdu’s ministry are tracked so that your support is recognized. 

You can donate securely online by clicking here.

You can also send your gift to RZIM at:

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries
3755 Mansell Road
Alpharetta, GA 30022

Q:  How can I apply for financial assistance for my apologetics education and/or new ministry?

A:  Click on the Application Forms.  Complete and submit the online form

Q:  How can I stay connected with Abdu’s ministry?  Can I receive a monthly newsletter?

A:  Abdu and the RZIM team would love to stay connected with you.  On a regular basis, Abdu and the team will send you free articles, letters, and other insights on how to reach the world with the credibility of the gospel.  To sign up for these great free resources, click here