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Embrace the Truth

A Welcome from Abdu Murray

I’m delighted you’ve visited Embrace the Truth’s site. I’ve often been asked, “who is your intended audience?” The typical response specifies a demographic, like “college-educated people from ages 18-35” or “Christians looking to shore up their faith”, or something similar. But the reality is that people of all ages and all walks of life have sophisticated questions when it comes to faith, reason, and culture. And so we strive to offer thoughtful answers to anyone who has sophisticated questions and doubts. We hope that as you explore the resources available, you will find that we’ve emulated the Apostle Paul’s directive to let our speech be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that we may know how to answer each person (Col. 4:6). We’re not focused on merely answering questions, we hope to answer people.

Abdu Murray

We strive to answer people, not questions. Questions don’t need answers. People need answers and they use their questions to get them.

Abdu Murray

Our Mission

Embrace the Truth offers the credibility of the gospel to every questioner we encounter. We believe that truth, when embraced, brings freedom. We will hear, respect, and answer each person in ways that touch both the mind and the heart.

Our Method

Questions don’t need answers, but people do.  And they use questions to get them. While we will provide talks on tough topics, we want to emphasize a dialogical, interactive approach. We focus on Q&A sessions and dialogues with those who hold differing or even opposing viewpoints as we explore the credibility of the gospel message.

Our Mark

Embrace the Truth’s logo is laced with meaning. Its main feature is the triquetra, a three pointed symbol that has come to represent the trinitarian understanding of God. First, this symbol points to a fundamental and unique aspect of the Christian faith – that the one God exists in three eternally distinct personhoods. When Abdu was a Muslim, the Trinity was his favorite topic to challenge Christians with because Christians had a hard time defining it, let alone defending it. Having explored the logic and beauty of the Trinityand giving his life to Christ, the Trinity remains Abdu’s favorite topic to talk about because it explains so much about God, the gospel, and the human condition. Second, the triquetra originally symbolized the sacredness of earth, air, and water. St. Patrick used the triquetra popular in pre-Christian Ireland to illustrate the beauty of the Trinity. And so the symbol simultaneously represents a unique truth about God while also redeeming a pagan symbol to do so.  Finally, the orange circle that entwines the triquetra represents a warm embrace of the truth.

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Mike Kern, Brian Wassom, and Abdu Murray.