All Rise: Does Nature’s Beauty Point to a Creator? With Xandra Grieme

The world is full of wonders, both mysterious and beautiful. Do we have reasons to believe that this beauty points to anything beyond itself? Our special guest, Xandra Grieme, says that when it comes to beauty, there may be more than meets the eye. Xandra Grieme is an apologist, speaker, and curator for the Museum […]

All Rise: The Toughest Question Abdu’s Been Asked? LIVE Q&A at UCF

After Abdu’s message at the University of Central Florida, several students came forward to ask their most pressing questions in a live Q&A. Listen in as Abdu fields questions on sexuality, slavery and gender in the Bible, the toughest question he’s ever received, and what it means to be a disciple.

Peace: Then and There and Now and Here (Advent Devotional, Part 4)

Why is it so difficult to achieve peace? Because life in a fallen world creates sin and dividing walls of hostility. This makes us rightfully call for justice and yet stubbornly withhold forgiveness. Consequently, a world not only of evil, strife, and pain, but of sorrow emerges. Yet there is one place on earth where […]

All Rise: Is Christianity Dangerous and Delusional? LIVE at the University of Central Florida

The late physicist, philosopher, and atheist Victor Stenger once said, “Science flies you to the moon. Religion flies you into buildings.” This is a popular notion today, especially in the West, where Christianity and the Bible are often blamed for anti-scientific superstitions, terrorism, racism, and sexism, among other maladies. But is this correct? Abdu confronts […]

Peace: The Comfort of Life? (Advent Devotional, Part 2)

Our lives bear the scars of conflict. It’s understandable then why we would want the clich√© Jesus of peace. But if Jesus came simply to bring peace on earth and good will toward others, why does he say he came to bring a sword instead of peace? Listen in as Abdu briefly reflects on Matthew […]