CouldaShouldaWoulda with Stuart McAllister

Don’t commit spiritual ambush! Stuart talks to Abdu about some common mistakes of zeal that we make in evangelism and apologetics. Listen as Stuart recounts a time he wished he had done something differently, and a time he followed the Lord’s prompting and did it well, and the lessons he learned about drawing a person […]

Coulda Shoulda Woulda with Janell Wood

Fear feels like control, but love feels like trust. Anyone who does evangelism or apologetics knows the burden of trying to change someone’s mind regarding matters of faith. It is a burden of love, but without a firm confidence in the Lord, it can feel to others like a burden of control. In this episode, […]

CouldaShouldaWoulda with Lisa Fields

Every person comes with context. Apologists and evangelists regularly regret their failure to fairly listen to the arguments others make. However, Lisa tells Abdu that the real regret is a failure to listen to their stories.

CouldaShouldaWoulda with Matthew Mittelberg

Don’t mistake preparation for practice. Matthew talks to Abdu about two emotions every apologist and evangelist knows well, fear and anger, and the keys to controlling them when talking to skeptics.

CouldaShouldaWoulda with Rice Broocks

Verbal sparring is not the Gospel. In this episode, Rice offers Abdu a refreshing approach to evangelism for apologists: don’t fall into the trap of an intellectual argument for the sake of argument or puffing up the self. Rice Broocks is the senior minister of Bethel World Outreach Church in Nashville, TN, cofounder of the […]

CouldaShouldaWoulda with Alex McElroy

Apologist and evangelist Alex McElroy tells Abdu about a time he answered a person’s questions but not their pain. As it turns out, a bad encounter does not have to be the last encounter. Alex McElroy is an apologist, pastor, leadership advisor, international speaker, author of Blueprint for Bible Basics, and host of the popular […]

CouldaShouldaWoulda with Alycia Wood

Forgetting What You Know. Every apologist and evangelist has been faced with extreme moments of forgetfulness. They look back and wonder how on earth they could have forgotten such a crucial point or Bible verse. But as it turns out, these moments of forgetfulness are blessings in disguise. Alycia Wood is a sought-after speaker and […]

CouldaShouldaWoulda with Hugh Ross

Failure IS an option! Most evangelists and apologists fear being embarrassed in a dialogue by receiving a challenge they cannot answer. However, as Hugh illustrates, these moments of “failure” can be the catalyst to going deeper and uncovering new riches in the Bible. Dr. Hugh Ross is an astrophysicist, prolific author and speaker, and founder […]

CouldaShouldaWoulda with Robby Lashua, Part 2

Using logic with love. Apologists and evangelists are often equipped with knowing answers to skeptical questions, but not how to answer those questions with both truth and love. When that happens, we might use pure logic to answer someone who needs pastoral sensitivity. Robby discusses the difficulty of switching from answering a question to answering […]

CouldaShouldaWoulda with Robby Lashua, Part 1

Can we be too winsome? Robby tells us about a time he erred on the side of winsomeness when he received a highly-emotional question about the LGBTQ community. In so doing, he helps us understand what it means to truly love one’s enemies. Robby Lashua is a speaker and writer with Stand to Reason. A […]