Christianity Is Salt for the Masses

Christianity is the opiate of the masses according to German philosopher Karl Marx. Many of us around the country will hear this phrase uttered during Christmas celebrations by our nephew, on break after his first semester at college. What your fresh revolutionary means is that the powerful use Christianity as a way of keeping the […]

All Rise: The Gospel According to Barbie? How Ken it Be!?

Barbie is everywhere thanks to Greta Gerwig’s recent blockbuster movie about the (in)famous doll. Some say it is anti-man propaganda that went too far while others say it didn’t go far enough! Abdu and Derek discuss these reactions and some surprising ways in which Barbie actually affirms the Bible, while also being confronted by it.

How Stereotypical Barbie might shatter stereotypes about the Bible

Within my close circles, I’m famous (or infamous) for obsessing about movies after seeing them. Unexpectedly, “Barbie” became one of those movies.  For many, it has inspired and irritated, entertained and enraged, and roused and rankled. Many laud its female empowerment message. Others decry how it portrays men as clueless, narcissistic and power hungry. Though left almost […]

Deliberations LIVE! Ep. 7

Abdu fields question about our complicated relationship with the truth: how we find it, why we reject it, and how we accept it. Along with these questions, Abdu answers questions about our free will and if God keeps us from the truth.