Deliberations LIVE! Ep. 20

In this episode, Abdu and Derek respond to comments and questions on their episode addressing comments made by Paula Fredriksen on Luke/Acts and the relation of that author to Paul. They also add some more details that they did not get to mention in the original episode.

Deliberations LIVE! Ep. 9

Abdu and Derek discuss All Rise episodes 16 and 17. Ricky Gervais claims atheists just believe In one less god–Bart Ehrman claims the gospels are anonymous!

Deliberations LIVE! Ep. 8

We will be joined LIVE by astrophysicist and founder of ‘Reasons to Believe’, Dr. Hugh Ross, to answer your questions about science, faith, and the Bible. Recently, Dr. Ross appeared on Abdu’s podcast, All Rise, to discuss claims made by popular astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson about the Bible’s alleged scientific errors.

Deliberations LIVE! Ep. 8

Abdu and Derek answer questions related to Bill Maher’s claims that Jesus was based on pagan myths. They also discuss the meaning of similarities and dissimilarities, if Christmas and Easter were based on pagan holidays, the symbolism of snakes in the Bible, and Hell.

Deliberations LIVE! Ep. 7

Abdu fields question about our complicated relationship with the truth: how we find it, why we reject it, and how we accept it. Along with these questions, Abdu answers questions about our free will and if God keeps us from the truth.

Deliberations LIVE! with Bob Rucker

Abdu chats with Bob Rucker on the Shroud of Turin to clear up many misconceptions about the legitimacy of the Shroud, especially its carbon-dating to the middle ages.

Deliberations LIVE! Ep. 5

In this live Q&A episode, Abdu responds to questions and comments related to the most recent episode of All Rise, “Objection, Matt Dillahunty! Asked and Answered!” Watch as Abdu goes deeper into the issue of morality and social contracts, why the concept of God grounds objective morality, and what happens to souls after death!

Deliberations LIVE! Ep. 4

In this episode, Abdu and Derek respond to questions about the most recent episode of All Rise, “Objection! The Bible is Sexist! Part 2.” And since it Holy Week, they also discuss some oft-overlooked details concerning the women who stayed by Jesus’s side during the crucifixion and showed up again on Sunday morning to meet […]

Deliberations LIVE! Ep. 3

In this episode, Abdu answers questions about the Bible and sexism, the need for objective morality to confront misogyny, a “contradiction” about incest in the Bible, and more!

Deliberations LIVE! Ep. 2

In this live episode, Abdu answers questions and objections related to his All Rise episode “Objection! Bill Maher Claims the Bible Never Condemns Slavery!” He also answers questions on the why a law court is a great way to scrutinize claims, the search for truth, and much more!