Antisemitism in the Bible? Considering Matthew 27 on Holocaust Remembrance Day

[Note: This article first appeared in a shortened version on The Washington Times’ “Higher Ground” section.] Is the New Testament antisemitic?   That is certainly the charge you might hear in recent decades and read online. The charge takes on added urgency given the recent attacks on Israel and consequent war in Gaza. And the charge […]

All Rise: Does the Gospel of Thomas Prove the Church Suppressed the Truth?

Mystery gospels full of secret truths suppressed by the Church for centuries have finally been revealed! … Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? According to the millions of people who have bought books, watched movies, and read news stories with such headlines, it certainly is! We all love a good “mystery has been revealed” story, but is […]

Deliberations LIVE! Ep. 20

In this episode, Abdu and Derek respond to comments and questions on their episode addressing comments made by Paula Fredriksen on Luke/Acts and the relation of that author to Paul. They also add some more details that they did not get to mention in the original episode.

All Rise: Bart Ehrman Objects! “The Gospels Are Anonymous”

Bart Ehrman claims that the Gospels are anonymous because the names attached to them are too convenient and were added a century later, and because the disciples of Jesus were too illiterate to write such exquisite Greek texts. Has Dr. Ehrman overstated the case?

CouldaShouldaWoulda with York Moore

Most people miss the forest for the trees. Yorks tells us about a time he made the opposite error and missed the trees for the forest! York Moore is President, CEO, and National Evangelist for the Coalition for Christian Outreach. Follow York’s work at and