Pluralism, confusion and the roads to God

You’ve seen the headlines: Fifty six percent of American evangelicals believe there are many ways to God, up from the already surprising 42% reported in 2020. There are, of course, many contributing factors to this drift from the very core of the Christian message that Jesus is “the way, the truth, and the life.” An obvious […]

Deliberations LIVE! Ep. 1

In this live episode, Abdu answers questions and objections related to his All Rise episode “Objection, Richard Dawkins! Asked and Answered!” He also answers questions on the offensiveness of Christianity, gives some tips on witnessing to Muslims, and much more!

All Rise: Shabir Ally Objects! “Paul Hijacked Christianity” Part 1

Did Paul create a different Christianity than Jesus? That is the claim of Muslim apologist Shabir Ally. In this episode, Abdu investigates his claims through the legal principle of the adverse witness with help from an unlikely ally, Bart Ehrman, and illustrates the similarities between the teachings of Paul and Jesus.