All Rise: “Twisted Logic”? Is Michael Shermer Right about the Cross!?

Michael Shermer is one of the world’s foremost public atheists and critics of religious belief. In a recent tag team of tweets, Shermer sought to put on display the “twisted logic” of the biblical account of atonement, the cross, and forgiveness. In this episode, Abdu addresses Michael’s objections and assumptions to see where the twisted […]

All Rise: Ricky Gervais Claims Atheists Just Believe In One Less God … And??

Comedian Ricky Gervais claims that we are all essentially atheists with regard to 2,999 gods, and that atheists just have the courage/integrity to go one god further. But is this a meaningful statement? Abdu and Derek address other claims made by Gervais, including what would happen if all science and history books disappeared and where […]

CouldaShouldaWoulda with Robby Lashua, Part 2

Using logic with love. Apologists and evangelists are often equipped with knowing answers to skeptical questions, but not how to answer those questions with both truth and love. When that happens, we might use pure logic to answer someone who needs pastoral sensitivity. Robby discusses the difficulty of switching from answering a question to answering […]