Deliberations LIVE! Ep. 7

Abdu fields question about our complicated relationship with the truth: how we find it, why we reject it, and how we accept it. Along with these questions, Abdu answers questions about our free will and if God keeps us from the truth.

All Rise: Can You Handle the Truth?

Abdu discusses our complicated relationship with truth. Quite often, people simply seek verification for what they already hope is true. To complicate matters, painful disruptions in our lives make it more difficult for us to recognize what is good and true. So, how do we begin to escape the cycle of confirmation bias to find […]

All Rise: Interview with Cold Case Homicide Detective J. Warner Wallace, Part 2

In this episode, Abdu sits down with his friend and nationally recognized cold case homicide detective J. Warner Wallace to talk about the nature of evidence, how cases are built using evidence, and attitudes that investigators have when trying to determine “what happened.” Along the way, they apply the discussion to our individual searches for […]

Commonly Asked Question: Were the Disciples Lying?

Would the disciples have reason to lie? Can the way they lived tell us anything about this? What about Paul? In this short video, I address this question from my context of being a lawyer and I share what I believe we can conclude from their actions and even the great costs it took from […]