Did Jesus really rise from the dead?


There is no more important question for a Christian to answer than this: Did Jesus really rise from the dead? As Paul wrote, “If Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith” (1 Corinthians 15:14).

The resurrection of Jesus is the climactic miracle of victory in Christianity. It validates the meaning given to other key points in Christ’s life. For if he had just been born and died, he would be no different from us. But that he arose from the dead changes everything.

We have written and spoken on this topic many times before. Below is a list of our resources on the resurrection.

Abdu and Derek both became Christians after they sought to disprove the resurrection. They assumed the answer to the question Did Jesus really rise from the dead? would be no. Needless to say, the results of their research surprised them. May you be equally surprised.

Videos & Podcasts

The Burden of Proof Abdu examines the concept of burdens of proof to see who has it, how to meet it, and whether the burden ever shifts.

A Lawyer’s Case for the Resurrection, Part 1 Abdu explains the difference between circumstantial and direct evidence and lays out his CASE acronym for looking at 4 key facts of the historical Jesus.

A Lawyer’s Case for the Resurrection, Part 2 Abdu continues his series and begins to shift the burden away from the believer to the skeptic who now must address what happened to Jesus after the crucifixion.

Objection! “Miracles are the Least Likely Explanation” Abdu addresses some of the counter-explanations of the Resurrection, specifically the notion that miracles are always the least likely explanation.

Objection! Jesus May Not Have Actually Died Abdu looks at the medical evidence to address the claim that Jesus didn’t really die on the cross.

Objection! “The Disciples Probably Hallucinated Seeing the Raised Jesus” Abdu confronts one of the most popular skeptic conclusions about resurrection appearances: the disciples must have experienced a mass hallucination.

Objection! “The Resurrection Accounts are Contradictory” Part 1 Abdu addresses the alleged contradictions in the Bible’s crucifixion and resurrection accounts.

Objection! “The Resurrection Accounts are Contradictory” Part 2 Abdu continues his look at alleged discrepancies in the crucifixion and resurrection accounts.

Commonly Asked Questions: Were the Disciples Lying? Abdu discusses whether the disciples simply lied about having seen the resurrected Jesus.

Conversation with Gary Habermas on the Shroud of Turin Abdu and esteemed New Testament scholar Gary Habermas discuss the Shroud of Turin and whether it can be used as evidence of the Resurrection.

Conversation with Bob Rucker on the Shroud of Turin Abdu, Shroud researcher Bob Rucker, and Derek discuss the many misconceptions about the Shroud of Turin, including the infamous carbon dating date.


Devotional Articles:

Abdu Murray, The Immortality of Hope: Abdu discusses how to have the resiliency of hope amidst a society in turmoil.

Derek Caldwell, Arise, Hope: Derek looks at hopelessness in the ancient world and today and discusses how Resurrection hope can transform us from culture warriors to culture redeemers.

Derek’s 8-part apologetics series on Apologetics.org (opens in new window)

Jesus’s resurrection: wish fulfillment, brazen copycat, or true paradox?

Are resurrection reports biased storytelling or reliable eyewitness testimony?

Real, Dead, Buried: why the Gospels aren’t lying or embellished

Witless women & dishonest disciples? Why empty tomb conspiracy theories fail

Skepticism to Sacrifice: the astonishing journey of James, Paul, and Peter

Doubting the Disciples: were the resurrection reporters deceiving or delusional?

Resurrection Riddles: solving alleged contradictions in the Gospels

The Enormous Significance of the Resurrection: why it makes everything better

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