All Rise: Street Smarts for a Combative New World, with Greg Koukl

Greg Koukl is a man who needs no introduction. He’s got a new book out called Street Smarts, and it will revolutionize the way you think about engaging the culture today. Many evangelism tactics focus on harvesting, but Greg recommends gardening. Find out the key differences between the two and more on this episode of […]

All Rise: Does the Gospel of Thomas Prove the Church Suppressed the Truth?

Mystery gospels full of secret truths suppressed by the Church for centuries have finally been revealed! … Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? According to the millions of people who have bought books, watched movies, and read news stories with such headlines, it certainly is! We all love a good “mystery has been revealed” story, but is […]

All Rise: The Gospel According to Barbie? How Ken it Be!?

Barbie is everywhere thanks to Greta Gerwig’s recent blockbuster movie about the (in)famous doll. Some say it is anti-man propaganda that went too far while others say it didn’t go far enough! Abdu and Derek discuss these reactions and some surprising ways in which Barbie actually affirms the Bible, while also being confronted by it.

All Rise: Will AI Destroy the World!? with Michael Butler

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere right now, and much of the press has been concerned with one question: will AI unleash a technological revolution that inevitably ends in catastrophe? Cutting through some of the uninformed hyperbole of those who think it will destroy the world (and those who think it will save it!), Abdu and Derek […]

CouldaShouldaWoulda with Stuart McAllister

Don’t commit spiritual ambush! Stuart talks to Abdu about some common mistakes of zeal that we make in evangelism and apologetics. Listen as Stuart recounts a time he wished he had done something differently, and a time he followed the Lord’s prompting and did it well, and the lessons he learned about drawing a person […]

Deliberations LIVE! Ep. 20

In this episode, Abdu and Derek respond to comments and questions on their episode addressing comments made by Paula Fredriksen on Luke/Acts and the relation of that author to Paul. They also add some more details that they did not get to mention in the original episode.

Coulda Shoulda Woulda with Janell Wood

Fear feels like control, but love feels like trust. Anyone who does evangelism or apologetics knows the burden of trying to change someone’s mind regarding matters of faith. It is a burden of love, but without a firm confidence in the Lord, it can feel to others like a burden of control. In this episode, […]

CouldaShouldaWoulda with Lisa Fields

Every person comes with context. Apologists and evangelists regularly regret their failure to fairly listen to the arguments others make. However, Lisa tells Abdu that the real regret is a failure to listen to their stories.