Deliberations LIVE! Ep. 1

In this live episode, Abdu answers questions and objections related to his All Rise episode “Objection, Richard Dawkins! Asked and Answered!” He also answers questions on the offensiveness of Christianity, gives some tips on witnessing to Muslims, and much more!

All Rise: Objection, Richard Dawkins! Asked and Answered

Who made God? This is a question that has been asked many, many times. It has also been answered just as many times, if not more! Why won’t this question go away? Abdu offers a response to the question, Who Made God, while also addressing the tactics of those who continue to ask the same […]

All Rise: Objection! The Bible Makes Mistakes

Christians believe the Bible was inspired by God, who does not make mistakes. Therefore, the Bible must be without error. However, if an error in the Bible is located, does this mean God did not inspire Christian holy writ? Join Abdu as he cross-examines a claim about the disputed age of King Ahaziah.