How Stereotypical Barbie might shatter stereotypes about the Bible

Within my close circles, I’m famous (or infamous) for obsessing about movies after seeing them. Unexpectedly, “Barbie” became one of those movies.  For many, it has inspired and irritated, entertained and enraged, and roused and rankled. Many laud its female empowerment message. Others decry how it portrays men as clueless, narcissistic and power hungry. Though left almost […]

Deliberations LIVE! Ep. 4

In this episode, Abdu and Derek respond to questions about the most recent episode of All Rise, “Objection! The Bible is Sexist! Part 2.” And since it Holy Week, they also discuss some oft-overlooked details concerning the women who stayed by Jesus’s side during the crucifixion and showed up again on Sunday morning to meet […]

All Rise: Objection! “The Bible Is Sexist” Part 2

In the previous episode, Abdu addressed allegedly sexist “texts of terror” in the Bible. Today, he presents his evidence for why the Bible establishes rather than inhibits the equality and dignity of women, often in very surprising ways!

Science DESTROYED Faith? The Curious Case of Nicolaus Copernicus

Up in the mornin’ Out on the job Work like the devil for my pay But that lucky old sun has nothin’ to do But roll ‘round heaven all day -Bob Dylan, 2015[i]   Full Moons rise at sunset & set at sunrise. New moons rise at sunrise & set at sunset, but the lit […]

Deliberations LIVE! Ep. 3

In this episode, Abdu answers questions about the Bible and sexism, the need for objective morality to confront misogyny, a “contradiction” about incest in the Bible, and more!

CouldaShouldaWoulda with Tim Barnett

Tim helps all hopeful evangelists and apologists breathe a sigh of relief when he answers the question: Can you share the Gospel only if you’re a Bible expert? Tim Barnett is a teacher, a pastor, a speaker and author with Stand to Reason, and the creator of the wildly popular Youtube channel, “Red Pen Logic […]

All Rise: Objection! “The Bible Is Sexist” Part 1

Are certain verses in the Bible truly sexist “texts of terror”? Are women forbidden from speaking in church? Does the Old Testament command that women must marry their rapists? Join Abdu as he cross-examines these texts and more in the first of a two-part series on sexism and the Bible.

All Rise: Objection! Bill Maher Claims the Bible Never Condemns Slavery

Comedian, television host, and avowed atheist Bill Maher claims that the bible never condemns slavery, and in fact, it implicitly supports the institution. Abdu answers these claims, but also asks whether Maher’s objection would be sustainable in a court of law given his level of expertise. In other words, does speaking authoritatively mean that you […]

All Rise: Objection! The Bible Makes Mistakes

Christians believe the Bible was inspired by God, who does not make mistakes. Therefore, the Bible must be without error. However, if an error in the Bible is located, does this mean God did not inspire Christian holy writ? Join Abdu as he cross-examines a claim about the disputed age of King Ahaziah.