All Rise: Recognizing a Biased Witness or a Biased Jury, Part 1

When assessing a claim, we often look at the testimonies of witnesses, including experts. But how can we tell if a witness is being biased toward one side or the other? Do we sometimes give too much weight to someone’s opinion just because they happen to have expertise in a certain area? And what about […]

All Rise: A Lawyer’s Case for the Resurrection, Part 2

This episode continues to discuss the CASE acronym, specifically the S and the E to establish the case that Jesus rose from the dead. We discuss the burden of proof once again, and how the Christian can meet the burden and then shift it onto the skeptic to try to explain what happened to Jesus.

All Rise: A Lawyer’s Case for the Resurrection, Part 1

This episode explains the differences between “circumstantial evidence” and “direct evidence.” It includes Abdu’s “CASE” acronym setting out four key facts about the historical Jesus that the vast majority of scholars agree on. Abdu argues that Jesus’ resurrection from the dead best explains the facts.

All Rise: The Burden of Proof

In this episode, Abdu examines the concept of burdens of proof, to see who has it, how to meet it, and whether the burden ever shifts.