All Rise: Does Nature’s Beauty Point to a Creator? With Xandra Grieme

The world is full of wonders, both mysterious and beautiful. Do we have reasons to believe that this beauty points to anything beyond itself? Our special guest, Xandra Grieme, says that when it comes to beauty, there may be more than meets the eye. Xandra Grieme is an apologist, speaker, and curator for the Museum […]

All Rise: Rhett McLaughlin Expertly Appeals to Authority

Popular internet personality Rhett McLaughlin, of Rhett & Link’s Good Mythical Morning YouTube fame, has become famous for “deconstructing” his evangelical faith. In a recent Instagram Reel, he explains why: the experts! In this episode, Abdu and Derek look at Rhett’s appeals to authority and confront two thorny issues: Is expert consensus emerging or is […]

All Rise: Will AI Destroy the World!? with Michael Butler

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere right now, and much of the press has been concerned with one question: will AI unleash a technological revolution that inevitably ends in catastrophe? Cutting through some of the uninformed hyperbole of those who think it will destroy the world (and those who think it will save it!), Abdu and Derek […]

All Rise: Ricky Gervais Claims Atheists Just Believe In One Less God … And??

Comedian Ricky Gervais claims that we are all essentially atheists with regard to 2,999 gods, and that atheists just have the courage/integrity to go one god further. But is this a meaningful statement? Abdu and Derek address other claims made by Gervais, including what would happen if all science and history books disappeared and where […]

Deliberations LIVE! Ep. 8

We will be joined LIVE by astrophysicist and founder of ‘Reasons to Believe’, Dr. Hugh Ross, to answer your questions about science, faith, and the Bible. Recently, Dr. Ross appeared on Abdu’s podcast, All Rise, to discuss claims made by popular astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson about the Bible’s alleged scientific errors.

CouldaShouldaWoulda with Hugh Ross

Failure IS an option! Most evangelists and apologists fear being embarrassed in a dialogue by receiving a challenge they cannot answer. However, as Hugh illustrates, these moments of “failure” can be the catalyst to going deeper and uncovering new riches in the Bible. Dr. Hugh Ross is an astrophysicist, prolific author and speaker, and founder […]

CouldaShouldaWoulda with Jeff Zweerink, Part 1

Aspiring apologists and evangelists think they should have all the answers, but when they don’t they often give up or freeze like a deer in headlights. Jeff talks about a time he did the same thing and how one simple conversational tactic could have helped him stay in the conversation. Jeff Zweerink is an astrophysicist […]

Science DESTROYED Faith? The Curious Case of Nicolaus Copernicus

Up in the mornin’ Out on the job Work like the devil for my pay But that lucky old sun has nothin’ to do But roll ‘round heaven all day -Bob Dylan, 2015[i]   Full Moons rise at sunset & set at sunrise. New moons rise at sunrise & set at sunset, but the lit […]

The Dangers of ChatGPT for Humanity in God’s Image

“This isn’t going to stop. …  AI won. Humans lost.” This isn’t a quote from “The Matrix,” “The Terminator” or “Ex Machina,” three of the many films made to warn us that reckless reliance on artificial intelligence will result in robot overlords. It’s Jason Allen’s response to claims that he cheated by using an AI engine to create […]