All Rise: Bart Ehrman Objects! “The Gospels Are Anonymous”

Bart Ehrman claims that the Gospels are anonymous because the names attached to them are too convenient and were added a century later, and because the disciples of Jesus were too illiterate to write such exquisite Greek texts. Has Dr. Ehrman overstated the case?

CouldaShouldaWoulda with Alycia Wood

Forgetting What You Know. Every apologist and evangelist has been faced with extreme moments of forgetfulness. They look back and wonder how on earth they could have forgotten such a crucial point or Bible verse. But as it turns out, these moments of forgetfulness are blessings in disguise. Alycia Wood is a sought-after speaker and […]

Deliberations LIVE! Ep. 8

Abdu and Derek answer questions related to Bill Maher’s claims that Jesus was based on pagan myths. They also discuss the meaning of similarities and dissimilarities, if Christmas and Easter were based on pagan holidays, the symbolism of snakes in the Bible, and Hell.

CouldaShouldaWoulda with Hugh Ross

Failure IS an option! Most evangelists and apologists fear being embarrassed in a dialogue by receiving a challenge they cannot answer. However, as Hugh illustrates, these moments of “failure” can be the catalyst to going deeper and uncovering new riches in the Bible. Dr. Hugh Ross is an astrophysicist, prolific author and speaker, and founder […]

All Rise: Asked and Answered! Bill Maher Claims Is Based on Pagan Myths

By now everyone has heard some version of “Jesus is based on [enter ancient deity here].” But these claims were debunked for nearly a century before being resurrected recently. And now, because overwhelming evidence debunked the older claims, new proponents have suggested different deities as the template for Jesus. Are these new claims any more […]

CouldaShouldaWoulda with Robby Lashua, Part 2

Using logic with love. Apologists and evangelists are often equipped with knowing answers to skeptical questions, but not how to answer those questions with both truth and love. When that happens, we might use pure logic to answer someone who needs pastoral sensitivity. Robby discusses the difficulty of switching from answering a question to answering […]

Deliberations LIVE! Ep. 7

Abdu fields question about our complicated relationship with the truth: how we find it, why we reject it, and how we accept it. Along with these questions, Abdu answers questions about our free will and if God keeps us from the truth.

CouldaShouldaWoulda with Robby Lashua, Part 1

Can we be too winsome? Robby tells us about a time he erred on the side of winsomeness when he received a highly-emotional question about the LGBTQ community. In so doing, he helps us understand what it means to truly love one’s enemies. Robby Lashua is a speaker and writer with Stand to Reason. A […]

All Rise: Can You Handle the Truth?

Abdu discusses our complicated relationship with truth. Quite often, people simply seek verification for what they already hope is true. To complicate matters, painful disruptions in our lives make it more difficult for us to recognize what is good and true. So, how do we begin to escape the cycle of confirmation bias to find […]

CouldaShouldaWoulda with Jon Noyes, Part 2

Jon tells Abdu that he spent his first few years after becoming a Christian as a passionate “jerk for Jesus.” Listen in as Jon tells us how he began to align his heart with his words. Jon Noyes is a speaker and author with Stand To Reason along with being the host of his own […]